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Fair Prices
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13. 12. 05
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Everything is Energy

Once we start to understand the fabric of the Universe, we feel more and more that everything is connected through exchange of energy. Energy flowing from one point to the other, integrating for a time and moving on again. Energy never stops, disappears or is getting distroyed, it can only alter it's state, it's form.

Ideally in interactions between to points there would be an equal exchange of energy so that both points can move on enriched with eachothers energy without having given more energy then received. If the latest would happen to much to the same point it would finally bring darkness (lack of energy) to that point.

For many people money is has a low vibration for many reasons. And it is true that with money and especially the manipulation with it can do much harm to the world. But once we understand that money is nothing more that an energy certificate for effort that has been done for it with love and in that way a form of exchange it becomes a complete other concept.

And also note that the purest form of energy we know, we call it Love, can be used to manipulate to high extremes. So, it is not the money that is the problem, it is what people do with it and for it. People craving for money are actually craving for Love.

Having a lot of money is not a bad thing as long as it is gained in by equal exchange of energy and it is used for the right purposes. Taking more energy (it whatever form) than giving is actually stealing and giving more than receiving is actually exploitation. And someone can steal as much has he wants, he is creating a lot of dept on his Cosmic Bank account and finally that person has got to pay his dues, if not this lifetime, then likely the next.

So, an equal exchange of energy is what we feel the essence of our pricing.


What is a fair price

Sometimes people feel we should be doing our work for free. They feel we should not ask for money or any other form of exchange. If we would be doing our work that way we could not make a living for ourselves and finally we would stop doing our work. If the energy flow is not equally there the flow will finally stop.

But then, what is a fair price ?

Of course there can be a lot of discussions about that and there is no such thing as an energy meter so we have taken into account the amount of time we invest in the sessions, preparations, aftercare, the time and costs we make for being able to do this work, like training, courses, materials, treatment rooms, supervision and inter vision, administration and so on.

We think we have fair prices, but more important is to feel that for yourself. Make contact with yourself to feel if this is an equal exchange for you or not. It is not about what we want, it is about what you are prepared to give (yourself).

Sometimes people need our help but can not give the exchange in the form of money. We never refuse help.

And everybody is capable giving something in return. We will not make consessions to the principle of exchange and we are always open to listen to alternative exchanges.  This is a responsibility to be taken up by the one in need to come up with an alternative of equal exchange. Everybody has the ability to give, so be creative and honest if you are in this situation.

Our prices 2018

~ ET-Healing Session (1 hr consult)  85,-- euro (incl. audio recording in MP3 format)
~ ET-Healing Session Distant (Telephone/skype) (50 min. consult)  85,-- euro (incl. audio recording in MP3 format)
~ ET-Healing Session Distant (no contact) (40 min. consult) 70,-- euro (incl. audio recording in MP3 format)
~ ET-Healing Session for Animals (30 min. consult)  60,-- euro (incl. audio recording in MP3 format)
~ Coaching Session (1½ hr consult)  125,-- euro  
~ Reconnection (2 x 1½ hr consult) 333,-- euro  
~ Monthly ET Contact Meeting (2 hr meeting)   15,-- euro  p.p.
~ ET Workshop (4-6 hr)  75,-- euro  p.p.     (indicative, depends on costs for location, travel, ...)
~ ET Retraites (5-6 days) 1.025,-- euro  p.p.     (1-pers.room; shower and toilet in hallway)
    1.095,-- euro p.p.     (2-pers.room; shower and toilet on room)
~ ET Healing Practitioner Course (12 days) 1.740,-- euro  
~ ET Healing Master Practitioner Course (10 days) 1.498,50 euro  


After sessions we sometimes receive long mails or telephone calls with questions, concerns or just requests for confirmations. Of course we are always willing to support each and every one after a session with smaller questions through email or by phone and we do reserve certain amount of time for this.

And hopefully it will also be understandable we can not put all our time in replying long emails or having extended phone calls since that would mean we can not help other people.

For those situations where more time is needed we can offer  

~ Telephone consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro
~ Skype consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro
~ Skype consult (50 minutes) 75,-- euro
~ Email consult   (30 minutes) 35,-- euro



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